Tips on how to make a perfect makeup skin.

The first step to creating a perfect makeup for sure is a great preparation of the skin, a beautiful face, smooth and without imperfections is the frame to start a beautiful makeup.
We must follow some important tips that will greatly help in the final result of the perfect makeup.

makeup tips
- After washing the face thoroughly apply your usual moisturizer, which will take care of the skin moisturizing to receive the other products. I prefer moisturizers that already have sun protection factor. It is important to use the ideal product for your skin type so that it does not leave it oily or dry.

- Wait for the absorption of the product on the skin and soon after applying the primer, this will fill and the imperfections of the skin leaving everything well smooth to receive the products of coverage.

- It is important to use the right tools to apply the products, brushes and sponges are ideal for a better application and perfect finish. There are several types and formats of brushes, just choose what you like best or what is more practical to use. The sponges are excellent for applying base and fixing the powder, you can choose the basic or those made of silicone, this will be according to your preference.
-A good foundation is the next product to be applied, remember to choose the correct color, it is important to test the product on the skin in areas such as the jaw or cheeks, but this has to be a bit balanced with the color of your body , the color of the face will probably be a bit clearer, so look at the shade of your neck to help with it.

- The next product will be the concealer that should be applied under the eyes and also where it has stains or imperfections, the illuminator is also great to leave the skin looking young and beautiful.
sheer loose powder to easily blend
- You should buy some sheer loose powder to easily blend to seal the base and leave the skin looking without any imperfection, this also has the benefit of removing the excessive shine, since our goal is a light and not bright skin that leaves the appearance of oiliness. This is one of the most important makeup products, it will also work very well to give a matte look in lipstick.

-After following these steps I mentioned above you will have a perfect frame to work any type of makeup, be it for work, day to day or parties and events. So you should bet on beautiful colors that will match your skin tone, blush, bronzer, contour and illuminator are essential for a makeup with glamor.

-Filling the eyebrow with pencil, shade or gel is an indispensable addition, make it respected the natural design of your eyebrow.

-Batom, shadows (you can use primer of shadows to help fixation and durability) eyeliner and lots of eyelash mask can not miss, the false eyelashes are also great and give that up in the makeup.

Like the tips? Do you have any to tell?


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