Fashion Handbags.

Handbags have always been an essential part of dressing for women. In the last decade however, handbags have become highly visible as arm candy. One of the reasons is the buzz created by celebrity handbags.

Some of the celebrity handbags that have been creating waves in the US include:

Gucci: Gucci handbags are the favorites with celebrities and ordinary folks. Gucci has earned a name for itself and is synonymous with quality and style. Recently, Salma Hayak was spotted with a fabulous Gucci Stirrup Ostrich Purse in the streets of Venice. She had coupled the bag with a simple black sundress and Wedges from Yves Saint Laurent. The Gucci Stirrup ostrich purse costs a cool $2,390!

Balenciaga: Most ladies these days seem to have a thing for humongous bags. It is the in thing – and why not! Women want to stuff everything into their handbags – even a personal cooking range, it would seem. Ashley Tisdale showed that the craze for huge bags is far from over when she stepped out with a Balenciaga Arena Weekender on her arm, looking sporty and super casual. This celebrity handbag could easily be bought at around $1,990.

Hermes Birkin: Petra Ecclestone and her sister Tamara Ecclestone (daughters of Formula 1 Racing star Bernie Ecclestone) were seen flaunting their Hermes Berkin handbags. This bag is another large bag that is carried in the hand. These bags are available in different colors and look super cool even though they are big enough to house a baby croc!

Coco Chanel: Sharing space with the best celebrity handbags is Chanel. Chanel is known for the way it has constantly reinvented itself to suit the expectations and desires of women. Recently, Blake Lively was seen sporting a Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag. Unlike the previous bags, this is a small bag that can just about hold sufficient cosmetics and a cell phone. The cobalt blue of the bag is an electric color, great for certain skin tones and a wonderful addition to a simple dress. The simple shape of the bag is timeless, which means that this bag is not going to go out of style – ever!

Yves Saint Laurent: Another favorite among celebrity handbags, Yves Saint Laurent has been manufacturing stunning bags for many years now. In fact, these are prestigious names in high circles and being caught with Yves Saint Laurent is sufficient to let the world know that you have arrived.

Other popular fashion handbags of the season include Alexander Wang, Jessica Simpson bags, Fendi and Bulgari Leoni. These fashion purses from are the toast of the season. And although they may cost an arm and a leg (and then some) pretty ladies in Hollywood are lapping ‘em up!

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